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Timelapse Stock Footage

Producers Library offers time lapse stock footage for your next feature, documentary, or commercial. In addition to Hollywood, newsreel, location, nature, and aerial stock footage, we provide time lapse footage that will allow you to create a seamless illusion of time passing rapidly to captivate, entertain, and inform your audience. Gathering storm clouds, flowers bursting into bloom, and frenetic traffic streaking down highways are some of the most popular time lapse shots that we offer. We also have time lapse footage of skylines, crowds, stormy skies, stars, sunrises and sunsets, moons, and more. Please note that time lapse footage can be located in our footage archive by searching for both “time lapse” and “timelapse” stock footage. Once you have found time lapse footage that you would like to purchase, please follow our ordering guidelines detailed on the How to Order page. If you have questions about purchasing this footage or would like to see if we have footage that is not yet available online, please call us at (800) 944-2135 or (818) 752-9097.