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Movie Trailers

At Producers Library, our content holdings include thousands of ready-to-license trailers from movie classics such as Citizen Kane and Casablanca to 50s B-movie campy favorites like I Was a Teenage Frankenstein. Hollywood and entertainment history is our specialty, so we have a variety of trailers, feature outtakes, celebrity photos, footage of premieres and red-carpet events, and more. We also offer footage of historical reenactments, which add to the value of your project without sending you over your budget. Don't miss out on these film images. Our footage is available in a range of formats, including 35mm and high definition stock footage. If you don't see the trailer you had in mind online, there's a good chance we have it-no matter how old or obscure-waiting in our archive of movie trailers and celebrity stock footage. Contact us today, and we'll help you find it.