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Feature Out-takes

Video and Film Stock Footage

Using filmed takes which have been excluded from the final, public version of another feature can spare you the cost of having to shoot your own material and ultimately save you countless hours and thousands of dollars. Producers Library's film archive contains a large selection of feature outtakes ranging from explosions to car chases to pirate sword battles and more. Other film images include moving POVs in many settings. Everything from trains and houses to mansions and castles to feature outtakes from some of the most memorable films in Hollywood history is available from the Producers Library vault. In addition to video and film stock footage from vintage and contemporary features, we also have several military scenes and period locations which tend to be very expensive to shoot but can be found here for a fraction of the cost. 35mm negative is available on most shots. When you need stock shots, be sure to check out our growing collection of online footage. In the event that you are looking for licensed footage which is not available on our website, just give us a call at (800) 944-2135 or (818) 752-9097. We may have just what you need, and our friendly staff will be glad to search for you.