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Documentary Stock Footage

Archival Newsreel Stock Footage

Archival footage from Producers Library is the ideal supplement to any documentary project. Less expensive than shooting your own footage, stock footage can enhance the quality of a film while keeping production costs low. When you search our documentary category, you'll find newsreel stock footage, footage from the past and present, b&w footage, high-definition footage, and much more. Each clip is accompanied by a brief description, storyboard, preview, and time code information. For more information about adding clips to your bin, please see the How to Order page. In addition to searching for historical and contemporary stock footage in the documentary category, you can also use the advanced search to find footage. This feature will allow you to limit your results to b&w documentary stock footage or a specific file name, time period, or file format. You can also search keywords to further narrow down the list of results (Example: “historical stock footage” exclude “wars”). Producers Library is happy to help you locate clips and/or photos if you do not see them on the website.